Marine Park Diving

In the local marine park you can find about 20 different sites that belong to the most scenic and popular divesites in Thailand. Above the water the cliffs rise about 45 meters into the sky. Below the waterline you can enjoy coral covered walls and shallow reefs with an abundance of marine life.

Divers from all around the world praise the quantity and diversity of things to see on the Phi Phi reefs. “We have everything here from the tiniest ghost pipefish to – on occasion – giant whalesharks.”

The warm water (27-30 degrees C.) and gentle currents allow enjoyable diving all year through, although the best time to come is from December to March when you can see an amazing variety of newly born marine life and huge schools of young fish.

All divesites in the Phi Phi local marine park are rated as easily accessable for novice divers and most places are also perfect for snorkling. (the first three places in Lonely Planet’s “Top 10 snorkling spots in Thailand” are all in the Phi Phi local marine park) Phi Phi is heaven for those who enjoy underwater photography.

The shallow, sunny reefs with abundance of soft corals, table corals and coral fans make perfect scenery for your pictures while many under water creatures like turtles and the resident leopard sharks are patient models