Open Water Course

Becoming an SSI Open Water Diver

Ready for a new Adventure? To discover the depths, challenge yourself in a new environment, connect with nature, ready to become a Scuba Diver?

The Open Water Diver level is the best way to begin your lifelong adventure as a certified Scuba Diver.

The SSI Open Water Diver is our most popular certification level. This globally-recognized certification will allow you to dive with another certified diver, worldwide, to depths of up to 18m / 60 feet and is valid for life.

The SSI Open Water Diver Course consists of 3 phases of skill development; Academic Training, Confined Water Training and Open Water Training Dives. Upon successful completion of all 3 phases, you will earn the SSI Open Water Diver certification.

You will start by completing your Digital Academic materials online which will introduce you through the underwater environment, its’ effects on us while diving, the equipment required, how it works and the skills you will learn during the course.
You will then be ready to start with the in-water training which is completed over 3 days.

The first day is dedicated to Confined Water Training where you learn and master the skills you need to become a safe and confident diver. This is done in our dive pool, where you will progress step by step. Your Instructor will demonstrate the skills and work with you until you have mastered them and feel truly comfortable underwater.

Open Water Course SSI:  12,900 THB

Over the next 2 days, you will complete 4 Open Water Training Dives with your Instructor. During these dives, you put the skills you have learned into practice, demonstrating your abilities as a safe Open Water Diver and of course exploring the underwater world of the beautiful Koh Phi Phi Marine Park.

Diving in some of the most crystal clear waters of the world, you can expect to see a wide variety of marine life and corals. Sharks. Angel Fish, Butterfly Fish, Barracudas, Stingrays, Moray eels, Turtles and Many many more are all usual visitors on our local reefs!

With a maximum of 2 students per Instructor in our groups, you can be certain you will receive personal attention and training, enjoying every moment of your journey to becoming an SSI Open Water Diver and joining the scuba family!

Certification Level
  • The SSI Open Water Certification is accepted worldwide and valid for life
    Qualifies you to dive worldwide accompanied by another certified diver to depths of up to 18 meters / 60 feet (age 15+)
  • 10 – 14 year olds will earn the Junior SSI Open Water Certification and will be qualified to dive worldwide accompanied by a dive professional and/or parent or guardian
  • 10 – 11 year olds can dive to depths of up to 12 meters / 40 feet
  • 12 – 14 year olds can dive to depths of up to 18 meters / 60 feet
  • Continue your training to the next level – SSI Advanced Adventurer at any time in the future
The SSI Open Water Course consists of 3 phases of skill development

  • Academic Study (Online Digital Course Kit)
  • Confined Water Training
  • Open Water Training

The Academic Study must be completed prior to starting the practical training. Once you have signed up for the course you will have online access to your Digital Course Kit. Recommended study time is 10 -14 hours.

The practical training is completed over 3 days
Day 1 – Half Day
Confined Water Training
Academic Review

Day 2 – Half Day
2 Open Water Training Dives

Day 3 – Half Day
2 Open Water Training Dives
Final Exam

Please Note
This schedule is flexible and may be adjusted to accommodate individual students needs and / or weather conditions.

  • Minimum Age – 10 years old
  • Be able to swim
  • Be in good physical health
  • No previous scuba diving experience is required

Please Note
To participate you will be required to fill out the SSI Medical Statement
If any of the items on the Medical Statement apply to you, you must consult a physician prior to Recreational Scuba Diving participation.

Your physician must complete and sign the Medical Statement and be sure to bring a copy with you as we will require it for our records.

Whats Included
  • SSI Digital Open Water Diver Materials
  • SSI Digital Log Book – to record your dives
  • Scuba Equipment Rental; Mask, Snorkel, Fins, BCD, Regulator & Wetsuit
  • Weights and Tanks
  • Confined Water Training
  • 4 Open Water Boat Dives in the Phi Phi marine park
  • Please note Marine Park fee is not included
  • Water and Fruit on the Boat
  • Certification Fees
Flying After Diving
You need to allow a minimum of 18 hours after completing your dives before flying

Open Water Course SSI: 12,900 THB

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