Diving Phi Phi Island with Sea Frog Diving Center - The nicest dive operator on Phi Phi Island
Diving Phi Phi Island with Sea Frog Diving Center - Serious Diving, Serious Fun
Diving Phi Phi Island with Sea Frog Diving Center - SSi Courses Available
Sea Frog Diving Center - The nicest dive operator on Phi Phi Island
Sea Frog Diving Center - Serious Diving, Serious Fun
Sea Frog Diving Center - Serious Diving, Serious Fun
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Diving Phi Phi Island with Sea Frog

The best way to scuba dive on Phi Phi Island! Phi Phi Sea Frog, est. 1987 is the longest running dive operator on Koh Phi Phi . With the dive center located in the lively center of the island you always close by.

Our diving center caters for all your diving needs whilst maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. We are one of the few dive centers on Koh Phi Phi that offer all the dive sites in the Andaman sea to our customers. Our experienced and multilingual staff is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable diving experience, whether you are a new or experienced diver.

It is only a five minute walk to the pier from the dive center and a half hour boat trip to the phi phi local marine park, where you can enjoy diving among the amazing coral reefs and see a huge variety of marine life including seahorses, turtles, octopus, several species of shark and even the occasional whale shark.

Diving Phi Phi Island with Sea Frog is a guaranteed enjoyable and unforgettable experience!

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    Our Customer Reviews

    We dived with Juanca and everything went great. He took us to some beautiful dive spots where we saw a lot of biodiversity and marine fauna. He was very friendly and helped us with everything, he was always looking after us.
    Thanks for everything Juanca and Sea frog dive center!
    Absolutely the best place for everyone from a first time diver (like myself) to more experienced open water divers.
    All the team is incredible and takes such good care of everyone. Such passionate, careful, fun and energetic bunch of crazily awesome people that took such care of all the details so you can just come and enjoy without a worry in the world. The instructors were patient and knowledgeable, and from the cute Nemo fishes, the colorful coral to the black tip sharks that came to say hi today every moment was pure magic.

    Clara especially is the best diving instructor you can dream of. From making sure I don’t miss the most beautiful sights around me to singing in the boat together and making going down 12 meters in the open water feel safer than a walk on the beach, you will have the biggest luck if she happens to be your instructor.

    Cheers to the whole team and thank you for the amazing experience!!
    We had such a great trip! My friend has a little fear when it comes to being under water but our instructor Alba was so helpful, really made the experience smooth and fun. (we did the try dive)
    Clearly all the staff love what they do as we felt the love and happiness through them all.
    Would definitely recommend!!
    We had the best experience here! Such welcoming team, very helpful and hospitable!
    We met Sam at first and he explained everything to us, about the locations and the dives. When we got to the dive itself Sam was amazing, took care of everything and gave us so much confidence and reassurance. We felt in safe hands.
    Sean also joined our dive and made it perfect, spotted all the crazy animals and kept everything safe and clear. It was really a pleasure.
    And(!) the food here is great, so enjoy a great lunch after the dives on the boat!
    We would be back next time in Koh phi phi! 🐠🐡