SSI and Mares Become Shark Trust Patrons

The Shark Trust has announced Mares and SSI as new Corporate Patrons. Together, we will be creating positive change for sharks around the world. The Shark Trust has announced its latest Corporate Patrons: Mares and Scuba Schools International (SSI). Corporate Patrons are vital to the work of the Shark Trust, and SSI is proud to be working with this shark conservation organization. Together, we will be promoting shark conservation to a global audience and encouraging divers to get involved.

What is the Shark Trust?

The Shark Trust is the leading UK-based shark conservation charity and is on a mission to safeguard the future of sharks, skates and rays. Shark Trust Vision: A future where sharks thrive within a globally healthy marine ecosystem. As part of their work, the Shark Trust engages with a global network of scientists, policymakers, conservation professionals, businesses and supporters, to further shark conservation. The Shark Trust also works closely with corporate sponsors to create mutually beneficial opportunities to help protect sharks. We are delighted to team up with Mares and SSI. Divers are some of the most passionate advocates for shark conservation. This partnership will be a great vehicle for us to connect with divers internationally, share our story and engage more support for shark and ray conservation.” – Paul Cox, Managing Director of the Shark Trust. LOVE SHARKS? JOIN SSI’S SHARK ECOLOGY SPECIALTY.

Supporting the Shark Trust’s vital work.

All the Shark Trust’s work drives progress towards their 3 key shark conservation goals:

  1. Species protection– protection of endangered species through legislation and effective conservation action.
  1. Fisheries management– fisheries managed for sustainability to prevent declines in non-threatened species.
  1. Responsible trade– promote responsible trade and reduce demand for non-sustainable shark products.

At SSI, we are committed to ocean conservation, and we are looking forward to supporting the work of the Shark Trust. We are very happy to work with Shark Trust and to support their fantastic work to protect and raise awareness of sharks around the world. We are very much looking forward to working together, because sharks are incredible, important animals that have received a false reputation from the media.” – Franziska Guttropf, SSI. READ MORE: 11 TOP WAYS TO HELP SAVE SHARKS.

Together we can protect our oceans.

As water sports enthusiasts, both Mares and SSI know how vital healthy waterways are for wildlife and people to thrive. The SSI Blue Oceans initiative encourages divers, dive centers and non-divers alike to become ocean conservation advocates. Through this program, we teach participants about issues facing our oceans and how individual actions can make a real difference. JOIN SSI’S BLUE OCEANS PROGRAM. With our Blue Oceans program and support of the Shark Trust, we can help protect the oceans for future generations to enjoy. With a number of water sports brands in our group we are hugely reliant on the health of our waterways and the marine life that inhabits it. Over recent years we have increased our focus significantly on environmental concerns and hope that our future collaboration with Shark Trust will help us provide the most effective response in our battle to increase shark populations globally. We are really excited by this partnership.” – Richard Corner, UK Diving Brands Manager. Follow Blue Oceans on Instagram and Blue Oceans on Facebook.\